Best Well Water Filters

Get the best system you can afford

Well water has a number of problems that other water systems do not. It is especially important that you test your well water on a regular basis if you have elderly adults, children or a mother-to-be in your home. It is still important that you test your well water even if you don’t fit one of those categories. In 2002 alone, the EPA found that 26% of all contaminated water sicknesses were attributed to well water. You need to test your water for fecal coliform, e.coli, nitrate, volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and pH.

Here are some worthwhile well water filters you should consider:

WH5 Whole House Iron Water Filter and Hydrogen Sulfide Reduction Filter

  • This is used in areas with high iron, hydrogen sulfide and manganese.
  • The filter uses manganese greensand using an oxidation and filtration process.
  • This uses reverse osmosis, the most robust form of filtration. Pre-sediment and post carbon filters are recommended as well.
  • The unit costs about $250 and replacement filters are about $130.

The Tank on Tank Custom Well Water Series by Raindance (Model 10HE/FE) is

  • Good for iron, odor, nitrates, hydrogen sulfide, tannins, hard water, manganese.
  • Supported by a technical support phone line.
  • Suitable for maximum water hardness.
  • Equipped with a tank 18 inches in diameter and 40 inches high.
  • Priced in the range of $2400.

Iron Max Well Water Iron Filters – also from Raindance Water Systems
This model

  • Removes hydrogen sulfide, manganese, and iron oxide (both ferrous and ferric).
  • Backwashes itself for consistent cleaning, every 5 to 10 days.
  • Requires no filters to change.
  • Can be plumbed inside or outside.
  • Requires replacement of filtration media every 6 to 8 years.

Well water is a complicated issue that starts with water testing so you understand your needs. You then need to decide your budget and the requirements of your water filtration (if you need a sediment filter, a chemical filter and whether you want a high maintenance filtration system). You will need to speak to a professional to get the best well water system for you. The nearby links will help you find a well-water professional in your area.

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