Best RV & Boat Water Filters

Filtered water to go

RVs and boats don’t have to use portable water filtration systems anymore. There is the versatility of using faucet mount water filters and under sink water filters. It’s also possible to buy an inline water filtering system that will take care of all the water you use in your RV or yacht.

Some worthwhile RV and marine water filters are:

Culligan RV & Marine Water Filter System – Model US-316
            This Culligan water filter system is one of the most popular brands you will find in RVs and boats. It features:

  • Compact design that fits under most sinks
    • Attractive white tube appearance
    • C2 filter cartridge, mounting bracket, Teflon tape and compression fittings
    • Cost under $50 US, with filters priced at under $9 each.

Hydro Life Complete RV Water Filtration System Model - HYL features

  • Under counter filtration
  • Canister filter housing, chrome faucet and removable exterior filter holder
  • Flow rate of 2.5 gallons a minute (gpm)
  • Carbon filter with KDF technology and a bacteriostatic filter
  • A whole unit price of $150
  • Filters costing about $35 (for the KDF) or $29 for the carbon filter

TastePURE™ CX-90 Ceramic Water Filter features

  • Removal of bad taste, bacteria and odor
  • Flow rate of 3 gallons a minute (gpm)
  • Inclusion of a hose, 45 degree elbow and cleaning pad
  • Unbreakable polycarbonate housing
  • Base unit price of $50, with replacement filter cartridges priced at $25

The TastePURE comes with the proviso that it only removes bacteria to 0.9 microns; this second rate filtering makes it unsuitable as a filter for microorganism and viruses.

For RV systems, other types of water filtration systems you can use include in-line filters, standard canisters, jumbo canisters, reverse osmosis and even ultra-violet systems. If you travel from place to place it is important to get the best RV water system you can afford. Having good water will mean that your only worry is finding the best place to stop for the night.

Some other things to look for in a travel water filter are:

  • Look for a filter that is 0.2 micron rated. Most portable water filters do not remove viruses. Viruses can be 0.1 microns and will not be removed by larger micron sized filters. However, you could use iodine tablets as a remedy.
  • One that filters rapidly. You do not want filtered water to be a nuisance you’re your kids have to wait too long for the water to filter they may impatiently just skip it altogether – to their detriment.
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