Best Budget Water Filters

Water filtration for under $100 a year

Water filters can be critical to your health and the health of your home. You really need to buy the best water filters you can afford to take care of the water impurity issues you face. However, some water filters can be very expensive and some water filters on the market are simply over-priced. So where do you start finding value for your budget?

Research is the key to getting the water filter that fits your budget. Look for the features you want and need. You need to buy a water testing kit and find out what exactly it is you need to remove, and then match this to your budget. Remember, you have to replace filters frequently, so make sure you factor in ongoing costs as opposed to just the unit cost today.

Pitcher Style Water Filters

  • Cost is on average about $30
  • The filter needs to be changed regularly, so calculate how many times you will need to replace it and at what cost. For example the PUR Ultimate Pitcher needs replacement water filters on average every 2 months at about $10 a piece. So, while you’ll pay only $30 for the pitcher, you’ll spend $60 for a year of filters.

Faucet Mounts

  • Bear in mind that some of these units are unsightly and bulky, and they can get in the way when you’re trying to rinse dishes
  • The GE SmartWater Faucet mount is about $35. You will also need to change the filter about every three months. The unit plus the $20 filters equals about $115 for the year, but this unit is a bit more versatile than a PUR Pitcher (filtered water for cooking, dishes, etc.)

Whole House Water Filters

  • The Kenmore model of whole home water filters costs about the same as the GE faucet mount, except that the filters are not included. There are a few different models of filters to choose from ranging in price from about $5-$15. They need to be replaced, with average use, about every four months. While the initial outlay might seem prohibitive, these might in fact be easier on your budget in the long run: they can filter water throughout your whole home, and with the low cost of the replacement water filter, these are easy on your maintenance budget. You could be looking at a yearly total in the range of $80 to $120.

Another thing to be mindful of is the warranty on the unit you buy. Most water filter units come with a one year full warranty; don’t buy anything with less than that. If you are thinking about buying generic replacement water filters make sure you buy one at a time and test your water with both models to find out if they are comparable. Water filter manufacturers spend a lot of money and time on research; most times, buying their own brand of water filter is best.

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